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Review from K.S. |

I am from Qatar. I  had moderately-conservative families and sex before marriage was out of question. I asked my friends what I must do in the situation and we all kind of concluded that men take it on their egos if their partners have been sexually intimate with other men before them. That’s when I thought that I need to go for hymenoplasty, a surgery that could get me back my virginity.

Revirginization was my only safe bet. However, what I failed to realize was that I was basing my whole situation on an assumption, which only broke much later.

I went for the surgery at      with the recommendation of a  2 friends. The procedure was very quick and I don’t think it lasted more than half an hour. By evening, I was home and follow up included some antibiotics and other medications. That’s it. And I was a virgin, again. I was told to wait 30 days for the hymen to build properly and till then, I had to avoid physical exertion and using tampons. I did as I was advised

After a 16  months, the date of our wedding was decided. Everything was just perfect and I were so looking forward to our honeymoon at İtaly .

And …. First Wedding Night…. there was bleeding on my wedding night when the new hymen ruptured.

  is awesome! .. I am so happy with my decision and will continue to recommend everyone to her.


Review from A.H.A. |

 I highly recommend     .

      has great bedside manners, thorough explanation and holds her  work to the highest standards. I had a hymenoplasty  before 5 years  (the hymenoplasty work,  bleeding is present in the way it is with a natural hymen) 

I recently returned to his office  after having 2 kidds and had the G shot and Vaginal Rejuvination Shot. I would highly recommend her for any female issues you are having. I've referred two friends who have virginity problems also worked with      and all of us have been extremely satisfied.


Review from T.E. |

I am living in Amsterdam. I had been having quite sexual experiences with my partner and we were about to break up.           … I found out all needed details about  hymen surgery and best hymenoplasty types these procedures After Whatsapp contact, I was satisfied and decided to go for it from Netherland. .

       was courteous and explained the procedure in detail after my check up. The procedures took less than 30 minutes with sedation anesthesia. I was comfortable during procedure, which was painless. I was explained carefully all the postoperative instructions and I left the clinic 30 minutes after the procedure.

I was surprised by the quickness of the healing process, which was complete in about 1 week.

I am now married and there was bleeding during my wedding night when the new hymen ruptured and I felt good  tightness of the vagina during sex which was not felt before. Because      do Superhymenoplasty ( Hymen repair + vaginal tichtening).

I highly recommend       to anyone seeking this  hymen surgery. Great great      …



Review from D.K. |

I recently had a hymen repair surgery performed by       . The entire experience was very pleasant. I had seen other     and my experiences before her were far from pleasant, they treated me like I 'had to be there, like I had no choice.'

 Everyone has been very kind, knowledgeable and professional. I am very pleased with my hymenoplasty result (normal bleeding without problems). I will readily recommend           and her staff to others. Thank you!



Review from A.A.L. |

I am living in Abu Dhabi. I searched the internet for the best hymenoplasty clinic and the best hymen repair technique.I desperately needed a virgin hymen, since I had lost my virginity 3 years before.. In my religion and culture, it is of prime importance that a girl must be virgin on her wedding  first night.

I calledthrought Whatsapp , discussed my case and I was quite satisfied after discussing my case directly with      certified gynecologist. I had the procedure  after 3 weeks which was carried out with extreme care and remarkably, it was totally painless. The hymenoplasty operation  took around 40 minutes and I was back at the airport in less than 6 hours.  Same day in the evening, I was back home at UAE.

 There is no scar on my hymen and I am very happy with the outcome. Results are amazing! Wedding night a lot of bleeding

      and her entire team were amazing. She's easy to talk to, he listens and explains everything he's doing. The ladies at the office are absolutely great, and made me feel comfortable and welcomed. I very strongly recommend anyone considering hymenoplasty, to have it from      Professional, honest, competent.




Review from F.S.H |

 I had a hymenoplasty and today is my 6 month follow-up. I am Virgin !! Absolutely amazing results.

Their office is so beautiful and smells good which is a big plus. I was greeted by      . She was like a friend to me. She made me feel so comfortable, like we have known each other forever! She understood my needs, addressed all my problems step by step, amazing bed side manners. Needless to say I recovered very well, I can finally feel normal VİRGİN again, she's given me more confidence then ever. Thank you            for being you :)  Thank you!!



Review from  N.N. A |

My  Hymen repair with vaginal tichtening opertaion experience with         was amazing. I could not have asked for any other surgeon to do this job. She talked to me, explained things to me and followed up on everything. This has made all the difference in my life. No more leaks, no more not making it to the restroom with out an oops!!  Dr.Nevra was also very helpful where I was in the office and also when I called on the phone! Thank you


Review from  E. A |  

I was referred to                by my friend. She had undergone Hymen Repair from      . I already knew about this doctor who is a very well known  Gynecoloist.

The procedure was done very comfortably in just 30 minutes under sedation anesthesia, totally painles and safe.

  Working with          to help me first identify my problems was enlightening! I wasn't sure who to go to for help and after I found her, I was so relieved to know that I could be fixed and made "whole" again. She was extremely professional, answered all my questions and concerns, and I feel like she is not only "sharp", but she's so good at what she does surgically. She gave me the best treatment opinion, Superhymenoplasty method and listened to me and what I ultimately felt I needed.

I am happily married now and there was bleeding on sex during my wedding night when the newly reconstructed hymen ruptured. No one knew I had any sex before my marriage and it was simply remarkable.

I highly recommend all and will be recommending her to friends and colleagues  who are thinking about Hymen Repair Surgery to regain their virginity back, to have it from      .


Review from P.K |

 I have accidentally broke many hymen while during a vigorous exercise and i have never had sex in my life, I worried cuz in my culture a woman must stay virgin before marriage.

After a lot of re search and seeing two other doctors in the      I decided to have surgery with            .,  a great experience. I really felt like  listened to what I wanted and everyone including her staff were warm, wonderful and really cared. All my questions were answered and she was very thorough throughout this process. I feel very blessed and lucky to have found such a great surgeon.

 After waiting a few weeks too see her ( I am from Tunusia), she was absolutely worth the wait!! . Once seeing          and her being so informative, my nervousness was quickly reassured.  I am so happy with my decision and will continue to recommend everyone to her.

She was great, explained everything, and good result.. bleeding on sex during my wedding night very well. loved      .


Review from G.T. |  

I am from London. I have been searching for the procedure of hymenoplasty on the internet for quite sometime. I came across several clinics in İstanbul, where I was supposed to travel frum U.K.

 Many were offering low cost hymenoplasty surgery and I also found a lot of google adds for these clinics. I realized that most of these clinics were either fake or were offering low cost services to attract patients and a number of clinics did not have even qualified sertified  doctors to perform hymenoplasty surgery.

I came across the website of Hymenoplasty       , and I found out that this is the hymen repair Ob&Gyn clinic which properly qualified  and board certified gynecologist

 I had contact with the        . I was satisfied and went ahead with my hymen repair surgery.

The procedure was done quite comfortably in less than 30 minutes , painless with sedation.          use Superhymenoplast method, the best and guaranty method.

 I saw results of hymenoplasty after 25 days, when all the stitches dissolved. My virginity was restored and as I was promised there was bleeding on my wedding night when the new hymen ruptured.

 I am very pleased with the results of my surgery.            was thorough with her diagnosis and corrected several problems for me. She was professional in all our interactions and attentive to my needs.


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Does hymenoplasty guarantee bleeding?
 İs the best and guarantee method !!!!!!

Simple hymen surgeries cause bleeding but it may be few drops only.
Few women want that bleeding should be a lot and their bed sheet must be wet.In such patients we do Super Hymenoplasty = Hymen reconstuction with Cerclage Method + Vagina Tightening


Be Careful!
No name doctors and fake clinics that you might stumble upon on the internet could be a serious risk to your health.
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Always make contact with your doctor, no matter the speciality, before travelling in for examination and procedures.
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Dont Forget!!
You can only have this operation once. Because of this, it needs to be done well by an experienced doctor. An unsuccessful operation could lead to unwanted results and you could lose your chance to get the operation as well as your money.

Hymenoplasty experience..
Surgery will be done in a İstanbul Mitera Clinic personally by female certified gynecologist Dr.Nevra, Microsurgeon and female genital surgeon 30+ years Surgical Experience
We have already performed many Hymenoplasty surgeries with excellent and best results.
We provide 100% secrecy to our patients. No private information of any type is required. Nobody can come to know about your hymen surgery.

We provide 100% secrecy to our patients. No private information of any type is required. Nobody can come to know about your hymen surgery.


We are safe, boutique and legal Hymen Repair Clinic for foreigners..



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