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Hymenoplasty clinic istanbul Turkey

Safe Clinic in İstanbul

Hymenoplasty Clinic İstanbul is here for you during these uncertain times. We remain open and continue to provide essential Hymenoplasty services while prioritizing our patients’ safety, comfort, and well-being.

Hymenoplasty Clinic İstanbul provides a private, boutique patient-centered hymen repair surgery experience for all  patients. We provide the highest level of medical care and an experience focused on the needs of each patient.

Our clinic is located in the heart of İstanbul. Your privacy is important to us, and each patient has their own private room. There are no waiting rooms and no lines, so you will likely never see another patient.  We firmly believe that access to hymen repair surgery is a right for all people regardless of the reason behind their decision.


Performed on an outpatient basis our clinic, the hymen repair procedure can take, it should take up to half an hour. Anesthesia is administered.You should come here same day without eating and drinking anything 5 hours before the procedure. The procedure is outpatient and takes 30 minutes in my clinic. You should rest here just 40-60 minutes. You should stay here at least one night.You can find any hotel in Taksim square or Şişli. You can fınd recommadation adress and map below the page. You can go back your country one day after the procedure.

We do superhymenoplasty technique. A procedure of superhymenoplasty has been described in which superhymen is created which results more bleeding on the eve of first sexual act. It give more satisfaction to the couple. The procedure causes no complications as only torn pieces are used to create the superhymen.

We can do the  hymenoplasty surgery for people with non Turkish nationalities .

I can make this procedure everyday except Sunday at Monday through Friday between 4.30-6.30 pm.
Saturday between 1.00-3.30 pm

Please let me know again,when will you come here

Op.Dr.Nevra Topalismailoglu MD.

Appointments by phone / Office hours

Telephone hours: Monday through Friday 12:00 – 19:00
10:00 – 15:30

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Mail - Hymenoplasty Clinic Adress

Dr.Nevra Topalismailoğlu MD


Halaskargazi cad. Doğançay apt. No 216 (Sisli Square)

34360 Şişli ,İstanbul,Turkey


+90 532 3540553 / +90 212 2334647 / +90 532 2619315


+90 212 2245475



Mobile & sms & WhatsApp & Viber

+90 532 2619315


How do I make an appointment?  
7/24 contact center

A telephone call or send e- mail / watsapp /viber to our gynecologic OB/GYN clinic in İstanbul is all that is necessary to arrange your appointment .


CALL /WATSAPP/VİBER   :  0090 532 2619315

You can contact with me by using e-mail 24 hours quite easily and safetly for You.  E-Mail adres  miteraclinic@gmail.com

Call anytime for inquiries or appointments

To make a booking, or to simply ask some questions
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Be Careful!

No name doctors and fake clinics that you might stumble upon on the internet could be a serious risk to your health.

To contact  Dr.Nevra  and talk to her personally to get information on all examinations and procedures message on call +90 532 3540553  on Whatsapp.

Always make contact with your doctor, no matter the speciality, before travelling in for examination and  procedures.

We are legal and safe abortion clinic in İstanbul for foreigners and  licensed by the Ministry of Health.


Clinic Location

Situated in Sisli, Sisli square, the very heart of the booming business and financial district of Istanbul.
Located only 19 km from the city's main international airport-the Istanbul Atatürk Airport - and being also only a walking distance away to all forms of public transport, including the subway line.

Hotels: There are a lot of hotels in Sisli area. Nearest hotels ; Holiday İnn Sisli (50 m.), Radisson Blu Sisli (250 m.) Bade Hotel Sisli (250 m.) Mariott Hotel Sisli (500m.)
Being also in close proximity to the city's most prestigious shopping malls as well as Istanbul's most popular shopping, entertainment and lively nightlife of Taksim Square and Nisantasi.


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Dont Forget!!
You can only have this operation once. Because of this, it needs to be done well by an experienced doctor. An unsuccessful operation could lead to unwanted results and you could lose your chance to get the operation as well as your money.

Hymenoplasty experience..
Surgery will be done in a İstanbul Mitera Clinic personally by female certified gynecologist Dr.Nevra, Microsurgeon and female genital surgeon 30+ years Surgical Experience
We have already performed many Hymen repair surgeries with excellent and best results.
We provide 100% secrecy to our patients. No private information of any type is required. Nobody can come to know about your hymen surgery or abortion procedure.

virgin abortion, hymenoplasty after pregnancy termination


We are safe, boutique and legal Hymen Repair Clinic for foreigners..



Expert Hymen Repair Surgeon: Jin.Op.Dr.Nevra

Revirgination Hymenoplasty | İstanbul, Turkey

I Want My Hymen Back

Yup. We Can Do It.


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About İstanbul Hymenoplasty Clinic

Dr. Nevra, female certified gynecologist is highly trained hymenoplasty specialist, and will preform your procedure with optimum intimacy and privacy to provide a comfortable environment for you.

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We provide 100% secrecy to our patients. No private information of any type is required. Nobody can come to know about your hymen surgery.



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Contact no 24/7: mobile & Whatsapp +90 5322619315

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