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Hymenoplasty, hymen repair surgery  in İstanbul ; Dr.Nevra’s Clinic is a viable option for women who wish to appear chaste before marriage or want to recapture the first intercourse experience.
Those who want to save considerably and remain discreet about their hymen repair should consider virginity surgery in İstanbul.
Hymen surgery in İstanbul is available at a lower price than in First World countries, such as the US, the UK and Europe countries . Besides the low prices and quality surgery, the popularity of İstanbul Turkey’s tourist activities also attracts numerous foreign patients from all over the world.


Hymen repair or hymenoplasty operation is the procedure to restore the hymen which has been torn during first sexual act. Sometimes hymen is not torn but dilated during sexual intercuse .In such cases also hymen reconstruction and hymenal tightening is required.

Hymen Repair – How It’s Done in İstanbul?
We use sedation anesthesia. During the procedure, your surgeon will numb the area extra with a local anesthetic. The edges of the previously torn hymen will be brought together to re-form the small ring as it was originally.
The hymen surgery is not recommended for women who have had vaginal deliveries or who have been pregnant.
After the hymenoplasty surgery in our clinic , the “revirginized” hymen will bleed and tear during sexual intercourse as it would prior to any sexual relations.
Hymenoplasty operation takes about 20 minutes to perform.
The recovery period typically takes about one month. Patients should not exercise or do any strenuous activities ,including sexual intercourse for the first couple of weeks after the surgery. Patients can usually go back to work after one week.

Advantages of Hymenoplasty in İstanbul Turkey
One does not have to worry about going over his/her budget, as the hymen repair cost in İstanbul is much lower than in the United States, the Middle East, the United Kingdom and other European countries.
With medical tourism in Turkey – İstanbul on the rise, the country’s doctors and hospital staff know how to make foreign patients feel welcome. The leading gynecologic surgery clinics are replete with all the modern facilities and equipment.
Additionally, English-speaking hospital staff and multilingual translators make communication between the patient and the doctor a breeze.
Getting hymen reconstruction surgery in our clinic, Hymenoplasty Clinic Mitera İstanbul allows you to be discreet about your hymen repair. You can simply tell friends and family members that you are flying out for a vacation so they will not know you will be undergoing hymen repair in İstanbul.
You will be in good hands during your virginity restoration surgery in Mitera Hymenoplasty Clinic İstanbul
If you have been considering other gynecologic procedures besides hymen repair surgery in Turkey , now is the time to do it. Obtaining procedures such as a nose job or fat transfer in Turkey, İstanbul along with your hymenoplasty will help you save considerably.

WHY CHOOSE Hymenoplasy Clinic Mitera İstanbul ?
At İstanbul Hymen Repair  Clinic Mitera, best hymenoplasty clinic in istanbul;  we understand the stigma associated with the procedure especially for those women who are culturally bound to maintain their virginity, therefore, we make sure our patients get as much privacy as they need if they stay with us during their surgical vacation in İstanbul. Protecting medical records and patients identity along with personal information is one of our top priority in our service.


We do superhymenoplasty technique. A procedure of superhymenoplasty has been described in which superhymen is created which results more bleeding on the eve of first sexual act. It give more satisfaction to the couple. The procedure causes no complications as only torn pieces are used to create the superhymen.


:::::::>>>>  More information about Super Hymenoplasty  <<<<<:::::

We can do the  hymenoplasty surgery for people with non Turkish nationalities . We dont need any document


virgin abortion, hymenoplasty after pregnancy termination


Be Careful!
No name doctors and fake clinics that you might stumble upon on the internet could be a serious risk to your health.
To contact Dr.Nevra and talk to her personally to get information on all examinations and procedures message on call +90 532 3540553 on Whatsapp.
Always make contact with your doctor, no matter the speciality, before travelling in for examination and procedures.
We are legal , licensed and safe ObGyn Clinic in İstanbul Turkey.

Dont Forget!!
You can only have this operation once. Because of this, it needs to be done well by an experienced doctor. An unsuccessful operation could lead to unwanted results and you could lose your chance to get the operation as well as your money.

Hymenoplasty experience..
Surgery will be done in a İstanbul Mitera Clinic personally by female certified gynecologist Dr.Nevra, Microsurgeon and female genital surgeon 30+ years Surgical Experience
We have already performed many Hymen repair surgeries with excellent and best results.
We provide 100% secrecy to our patients. No private information of any type is required. Nobody can come to know about your hymen surgery.


We provide 100% secrecy to our patients. No private information of any type is required. Nobody can come to know about your hymen surgery.


We are safe, boutique and legal Hymen Repair Clinic for foreigners..



Expert Hymen Repair Surgeon: Jin.Op.Dr.Nevra

Revirgination Hymenoplasty | İstanbul, Turkey

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